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We are experts for Off-Grid solar systems. As one of the leading system integrators for stand alone solutions, we offer all the leading brands of the off-grid solar and wind market. Phaesun is a service and sales and marketing specialist for photovoltaic products offering you an unique range of components and systems.

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“Our telecom trainers and consultants deliver a high quality of services in the domain of telecom and business management, each of whom train across a wide range of programs, which means that they can deliver trainings at all levels from non technical to marginal levels.

“Our consultant and trainers are experts in their domain enabling them to deliver the keys issues affecting the telecom business. All case studies discussed during the training and workshops are based on the consultant experience in the implementation and related aspects of the business strategy.

BASS for Telecom & Media (managing Training & Education Programs:

As technologies are driving the economy, the strategic business planner needs to be updated to identify new opportunities as they present new skills and services to the customer.

Business managers need to be well trained on the latest technologies and specific approaches in order to be benefited from the telecom development, regulatory, and business strategies.

Faculty of Telecom for Technologies and Business:

The fast change and advancement of technology in modern telecommunication can be certified by attending our certified programs in collaboration with the Order of Engineers & Architects OEA.

BASS for Telecom & Media (managing continued to helped telecom operators to launch the Next Generation Network services in different models.

The introduction of “Faculty of Telecom of Technologies and Business” programs in the latest iteration of this training model programs. People at all levels within your technical and management teams need the right levels of knowledge for their roles. A highly skilled technical team will make any technology implementation more efficient while ensuring your business strategy and needs.

The need of your management staff for high quality technical training can’t be over stated.
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