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Kuwait Cool Co. has highly skilled specialists who are able to deal with any type of high energy chillers.
Preventative maintenance programs.

Annual Services / Pre-Seasonal.

Annual Repair / Primary.

Repairing all types of compressors.

Our goal is based on establishing solid relationships with our clients built on highest degrees of carederived from our concepts that assisted Kuwait Cool Co. to become a leading company in the field of preventative maintenance of air-conditioners.
Cooling Systems and Convenience
Kuwait Cool Consultation Services related to commercial and industrial cooling systems were designed
in a way to provide extreme protection to new appliances and equipments, as well as to develop and
maintain systems’ pre-requisites; such as compressors (comber-swart), heat-exchangers, pumps, fans
and digital and electrical manipulation devices.

Our services were designed to match special needs of every client, and our solutions are based on
accurate analysis of the used environmental requirements to launch cooling and conditioning system.
Kuwait Cool shall assist in selecting and providing cooling and conditioning systems additionally to
installing and maintaining them.

Kuwait Cool follows a distinct way to strengthen performance of your conditioning systems through
developing and renewing them along with other specific composition or installing another type of new
qualified equipments or appliances of the best commercial trade marks.
Disengaging, renewing and raising Units Quality
Kuwait Cool qualified engineering team and its skilled technical personnel are able to install and maintain all kinds of Heating, and Cooling systems of all its capabilities and trade marks; such as York, Trane, Carrier, SKM, Rheem and others.

As independent provider, Kuwait Cool would advise you to efficient solutions to your inquiry.

The aim of Kuwait Cool existence, as a professional company in air conditioner & Solar, is to develop and provide high level of solitary services that gave our company the leading position nowadays.

We extremely care to give the priority to development and preparing preventative maintenance programs which aim to provide periodical tests to carry on keeping quality of conditioning systems works, thus, we achieve extreme benefits by investing in these systems.
Preventative Maintenance Programs
As we are the leading specialized company in this field that possesses the required experience in service and maintenance, Kuwait Cool employs its efforts to serve and care about its clients. Caring of your convenience is our intent, and from this our philosophy flows “Prevention is better than Treatment”.

Conditioning systems presented in offices, hospitals, or even large industrial complexes need to be periodically maintained as to preserve its job quality. Moreover, these preventative preparations increase the life-span of your conditioning systems.

Our experience in this field verified that most major damages, occurring in conditioning systems, are basically resulted from accumulated minor neglected problems, which by time they cause major damage requiring intensive and expensive repairs.
Reassurance & Peace of Mind
Preventative maintenance programs of Kuwait Cool were designed to meet your needs as to give you a peace of mind. By choosing one of these programs you will no longer need to worry about recalling technicians for periodical seasonal maintenance works. We shall design and execute all pre-requisite tests prior to every season. Now you can rest assured because your conditioners will work at best quality ever achieved. Moreover, be sure that expenses of cooling and repairs will be at minimum rate. On top of that, daily activity shall never stop again.

Preventative Maintenance provides that following features additionally:

Better planning for expenses.

Convenient operation free of troubles.

Limitation of appliances deterioration.

Lowest electricity consumption.

Economical cost in comparison to only repair operations.

Highest level of Safety.

Priority upon summoning to emergency situations.

In brief, when you choose our preventative maintenance programs, it means that you guarantee to yourself reassurance and peace of mind.
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